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Improving one’s knowledge in behavioral health care

Lemons or Lemonade? Conflict and Healthy Conflict Resolution Strategies

Is conflict avoidable? Can conflict be beneficial during the helping process? According to modern theories, conflict is a normal function of human interaction. This training will explore ethical principles related to addressing and managing conflict. This interactive training will examine views, types, and aspects of conflict while offering ethical approaches to conflict resolution.

My Way or the Highway? Self-determination and Client’s Motivation to Change

Clients’ right to self-determination is more than an ethical mandate. Attendees will explore how the Self-Determination Theory (SDT) is relevant to supporting clients to autonomously explore, identify, initiate and sustain a process of change. Designed to elicit engaging dialogue and audience participation, this training will offer clinicians evidenced-based and practical methods for implementing an autonomy-supportive style.

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