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Person-centered services for each client.
R.I.S.E Family Services LLC offers a person-centered approach to our services. We understand that each of our client’s needs differ; thus, we must utilize an approach that can cater to their diverse needs. For this reason, we use innovative and evidence-based treatment interventions. With these as our base, we work with our clients and endeavor together to create positive changes and improve their quality of life. We believe that for treatment to work, it takes professionals’ expertise and clients’ commitment. And when these are established as treatment sessions go on, a better and happier life is possible.

TherapyBeyond Talk Therapy”

  • – Individual, Family, Couples, and Group Therapy
  • – Anger Management Groups
  • – Cognitive Behavior in Trauma Schools 16 Weeks

Rehabilitation“Life Skills in Practice”

  • – Restore and Develop Independent Life Skills
  • – Mental Health Mentor
  • – Community Support

Enrichment“Empower Through Exposure”

  • – Civic & Community Service Service Learning
  • – Life & Career Coaching
  • – Older Adult Training, Advocacy, & Recreation

Psychiatry“Prescribing Holistically”

  • – Comprehensive mental health evaluations (nutrition, medication management)
  • – Mindfulness & self-awareness
  • – Physical activity; mind/body treatment
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