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Services for children, adolescents, and young adults

Making Math Moves

Making Math Moves (M³) is an organization that is dedicated to the holistic development and mathematical achievement of youth in the mind and body, classroom, and real world. M³ emphasizes the use of common sense and everyday critical-thinking strategies to make sense of mathematics. Moreover, the M³ model provides youth with tangible problem-solving, coping, and life skills that empower them to see math as a source of therapy.

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After School Enrichment

At R.I.S.E Family Services, we want to help reduce the achievement gap among children by providing academic support, in addition to the therapeutic services we provide. We have Extended-Learning Instructors that make after-school learning fun and nurturing for their age and learning development. Each instructor is open to addressing children’s questions and display a patient, approachable, and genuine demeanor. The After School Enrichment program utilizes a “whole-child” development approach and is modeled in the strength-based perspective, thus allowing children to further improve their talents, skills, and delve deeper into information they have covered in school.

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Enriching Mindfulness Retreat

R.I.S.E Family Services has its own Enriching Mindfulness Retreat (EMR). What sets it apart from other traditional camps is its purpose of heightening retreaters’ sense of self-awareness, deepening their respect for community, and developing an expanded worldview. All while unleashing their natural curiosities. Our team carefully designed our EMR retreat to cater to the holistic health of retreaters, covering areas including mind, body, and spirit. Other known effects of EMR are improved body awareness and self-care, increased understanding of oneself, and reduced distractions from one’s aim of self-improvement.

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